Maerklin train 2014-11-10

It used to be a tradition in my family to start build the miniature Märklin trains around christmas - I did that with my father since I was a little boy. Now, as I am a father myself, I recently moved all the pieces over from my parents' to my place and introduced my son with it. He's not yet 3 years old, so this is presumably a little to early for him to get things built on his own, yet he's eager to play with the trains (of couse:)).

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Visiting Zurich 2013-11-25

In late October, we took half a Friday off and drove down to Zurich into Switzerland. A friend of Marie lives there as a teacher, and we had long planned to visit her. We spent the whole Saturday in Zurich downtown where we were lucky to enjoy great sunny weather. I would have loved to go to Zurich Airport the next day with Lenn to watch planes, rainy and cold autumn weather made us skip that part of the trip, unfortunately.

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French Holidays 2012-09-25

Pictures from our vacation in my parental leave time which went from August to October; the trips destination: the world's most popular travel destination - France. With a caravan we drove from Karlsruhe to the beaches of la Normandie, along amost the whole of the coast of la Bretagne ("Britanny") and down south into les pays de la Loire and la Gironde.
See our route on Google Maps.

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Birthday activity 2012-05-28

Visiting the Weinfrüling Birkweiler together with Lenn, Marie, Kerstin, Axel, Isabelle, Timm, Sophie, Ingrid, Jan and Frank. This was on May 28th - my birthday - which coincidented with a holiday this year.

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Our little fallout shelter 2011-10-03

Based on a fallout shelter from the times of the cold war is the building complex where we live. The shelter itself is still functional, even though not equipped with food or other material you'd certainly like to have when you're locked in in there.

Today, the upper floor serves as a garage. The basement, the inner section where the radioactive protection area is, serves as storage room for tenants. Even since its not in active use, yet we still have special rules that not all space may be used for storage - you can see these rules are not always followed:)

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